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>Last Visit

>We are dealing with a lot of “lasts” right now, so it can get a little emotional! But, we’re so blessed to have so many incredible friends who love us enough to help us have those last moments.

Tuesday was our last visit with our friends the Shawas. We have had these monthly visits since our Steven and their Emily were just little bits – over a year and a half! The visits were the result of our withdrawal after not living next door any more, and we just felt that we HAD to see each other regularly. We have so greatly enjoyed our day-trips to see each other.

Olivia sharing her laughing bear with Emily.
Benjamin on a plane ride!
Steven & Livie enjoyed seeing pictures from the Shawas’ trip to the beach.
We have tried to take a picture of Emily and Olivia every trip – we’ve missed a couple of trips, but it’s still neat to have the monthly picture to show how much the oldest and youngest of the group have grown!
This time Angela wanted in on the action, so she got her picture taken with Emily, too.
We are so thankful to the Lord for dear friends. It makes good-byes hard, but I wouldn’t trade the in-between time for anything!


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