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>The Power of Prayer

>It is so amazing what prayer does. Not only does it allow our eyes to be opened to the power and movement of the Lord, but it also draws us to people in ways we never would have been drawn to them before! I find over and over again that I have a stronger love for people the more I pray for them. I become bound to them in ways I never could otherwise.

The neat thing about it is that my girls are learning the same thing! We have prayer time in school every morning when we pray for our friends and family, for countries we are learning about in our missions studies, and for prayer requests we receive from the mission field. We have prayer letters coming from the Choates in the Solomon Islands, my parents in Jordan, and some old family friends in Niger, Africa. My girls have never met some of the people they regularly pray for, but it’s almost like they are getting to know them in a special way.

Olivia’s creative writing assignment for this week was to write about an intriguing person. It was to be someone she didn’t know but would like to meet and get to know. She thought for a few minutes and then, to my surprise, picked Caroline, an MK we’ve been specifically praying for since last year!

Here’s what she wrote:
Caroline is a missionary kid in Jordan. She’s homeschooled just like me! I learned about her from prayer requests sent from my Nanny and Papaw. Nanny and Papaw know her because they are missionaries in Jordan, too. I would like to get to know her because she’s homeschooled. I would like to learn what it is like to move far away from your home. I want to know what it’s like to be a missionary kid in Jordan. I think it would be fun to have a friend older then me. It could help me learn how to be a big girl.

All because of prayer…



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