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>Strong Support

>9 “For the eyes of the LORD move to and fro throughout the earth that He may strongly support those whose heart is completely His. 2 Chron 16:9a (NASB)

This verse is right in the middle of a rebuke to Asa, king of Judah, for relying on a treaty with the king of Aram for protection instead of relying on God. God reminded Asa of His protection and how He amazingly surrounds those who trust in Him. I’ve read this verse many times before, and in fact I have it in my prayer calendar associated with some prayer requests and praises! But, yesterday it jumped out at me like it never has before.

“…that He may strongly support those whose heart is completely His.” (emphasis mine)

God doesn’t just say that He’ll take care of us when we trust in Him. He says He’ll strongly support us. That really got me. I have to admit, I have felt strongly supported lately. Does that mean everything is going right? No, it doesn’t. In fact, from an earthly perspective, things don’t necessarily look all that great for many people right now. But, there are so many ways I have seen His hand strongly supporting me! And there are other times that I have relied on myself and have seen things fall apart. The amazing thing is that He takes over again the moment I turn back to Him!

Want a really simple and kind of funny example?

Yesterday I was working on some chicken. I had planned the menu around this chicken, and I was supposed to plan five meals using the chicken I had. I cut part of it off the bone and then put the rest of it in the crock pot. Then I prepared what I’d cut off the bone for the intended meals and put it all in the freezer. I left it all and proceeded to head to school with the girls.

As school ended around 4:00 I realized that I hadn’t checked the menu for last night’s supper. I went to look at the menu only to discover that I’d made a mistake with the chicken. I’d planned six meals, and the first was supposed to be last night’s supper! The immediate problem was not so much that I didn’t have enough chicken but that I had some chicken already frozen for other meals and the rest of it only half cooked in the crock pot! I didn’t have the chicken that I needed.

Now, looking back I can see lots of logical solutions to the problem that would have been quick and easy. But, at the time my brain was only processing my mistake, and I wasn’t thinking too clearly. I should have stopped and prayed at that moment. I knew I should have! I’d been stopping to pray about little and big things all day long, and the Lord had graciously showed His hand and granted me His wisdom throughout my day. But, instead of praying, I just jumped into my own little plan. We had found a recipe for making our own calzones, and we had all of the ingredients necessary. We had it planned for one night a couple of weeks down the road, but the recipe would make much more than needed for one meal. So, why not give it a try?

An hour later I was staring into a bowl of goo that wouldn’t turn into a dough no matter how much flour I added. I was urging meat to brown much quicker than it seemed inclined to do. I was scouring the kitchen for the can opener I needed. And I was looking at the clock realizing that the supper that should be ready within the next fifteen minutes was going to be at least another hour – if everything worked perfectly from here on out! The kids were fighting, Steven was demanding attention I couldn’t give him, and I was growing more upset by the minute.

It was at that point that I cried out to God. Yes, over something as simple as supper. I apologized for going with my own plan instead of seeking His first. I gave Him what I had and asked Him to take over. I walked back over to the stand mixer and saw that the goo had finally become dough and was kneading nicely. The meat was browning well, and the kids suddenly calmed down. It did still take an hour to get it all done, but the kids didn’t seem at all bothered by the lateness of supper. Doug had to stay at church a little later than usual, so it worked for him as well. And, the end result was delicious – raves all around for the taste plus ideas to make the calzones even better next time.

Now, not everyone will have a horrid evening if they don’t ask God what they need to fix for supper. But, for me, it was a big deal. You see, Doug and I have committed to seek Him for guidance on our menu planning and grocery shopping. Last night, I just took it right back into my own hands. I was dealing with the consequences of not being totally committed to Him in that little, seemingly insignificant, area of my life.

I know this had been a bit of a rambling post, but I hope that I have communicated even a small portion of the incredible truth He hammered into my heart yesterday, both through His Word and through my experiences of the day. He’s going to strongly support me! What a promise! What a confidence! I crave that strong support because I can’t live without it. Oh, may my heart be completely His so that when it’s something bigger – or even something smaller – than a meal gone awry, He will be my strong support in that moment – and every moment!



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