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>Fearless by Max Lucado

>The next Thomas Nelson book in line for review was Fearless by Max Lucado. I must confess that as I opened the book and saw a page full of titles – in small print, nonetheless – written by Max Lucado, I wondered how in the world he could truly find fresh material for yet another book.

And yet he has.

Max Lucado fans reading Fearless will see many of the trademarks of this favorite author. As with his other books, Fearless is not a deep, heavily theological book. Instead, it is a quick, easy read. It relies greatly on creating mental images that draw readers in to the topic being presented. It shares examples from the author’s own experiences as well as those of other people around the world. And, most importantly, it relies heavily on Scripture. Lucado shares verse after verse and story after story from the rich supply found in the Word.

In Fearless, Lucado obviously discusses fear and what the Bible says about living free from fear. He begins by exploring the truth that “fear creates a form of spiritual amnesia,” preventing us from truly processing who the Lord is, what He has done, and what He is capable of doing. He then proceeds through a list of reasons for us to fear, tackling each one with stories and truths from Scripture. Finally, Lucado reminds us of the one thing that is truly worthy of our fear – God Himself. He reminds us that when we have our understanding of who Christ really is freshly restored in our hearts and minds, all other fears simply fade away.

Max Lucado has not given his own personal human advice about the subject. Instead, he has assembled a useful resource in a matter of 180 pages of easy reading plus a handy study guide to help remind us what the Word of God says about dealing with our fears.

I am so excited to be able to partner with my wonderful husband Doug in giving away a copy of Fearless to one of our readers. Leave a comment here or on Doug’s blog between now and next Wednesday, Sept 16, for an entry into the giveaway. Leave a comment on each blog and get two entries!

And, if you are interested in free books to read and review, head on over to Thomas Nelson’s website to join their reviewer program. They aren’t looking for gushing endorsements – just an open-minded read and an honest opinion.


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