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>Treasured by Leigh McLeroy

>My most recent book review project is actually a trio of books, Treasured by Leigh McLeroy and two books in the “God Gave Us” series by Lisa Tawn Bergren.

In Treasured, Leigh McLeroy takes the concept of collecting and applies it to various stories throughout Scripture. Although most of the stories drawn upon are the same familiar stories that seem to fill most books, McLeroy’s approach is different. She takes one prominent object from each story and presents it as if it were a collectible in God’s treasure chest. Sharing experiences from her own life interwoven with skillful retelling of narratives in Scripture, McLeroy shows how each item binds us to our amazing God who cherishes the thought of each and every one of us.

Treasured is a book that touches the heart of people who cherish items because of the memories they produce – a favorite childhood stuffed animal, a baby’s blanket, a child’s craft, a trip souvenir. It’s precious to be reminded that we are much more treasured by our God than these items are treasured by us.

The “God Gave Us” books by Lisa Tawn Bergren were God Gave Us Christmas, a sweet Christmas book I’d had my eyes on for quite some time, and the recently released God Gave Us Love.

In God Gave Us Christmas, Little Cub is curious about Santa and Christmas. Wanting to go find Santa, Mama tells Little Cub that Santa is hard to find, but God is much easier. So, the next morning Mama and Little Cub set out to find God. The beauty of the book is the discovery that God is very near, but sometimes it takes moving away from the normalcy of life to have our eyes truly opened to His presence. This is exactly what Mama wanted to show Little Cub. In the process, she was able to explain to her the true reason for Christmas, and Little Cub falls asleep on Christmas Eve dreaming not of Santa, but of the birth of the King.

One additional note – as mentioned, this book does discuss Santa. We as a family do not ignore Santa, but we don’t make a big deal of him, either. This book handles Santa in a wonderful way, acknowledging that he is a part of our society’s Christmas tradition, but emphatically redirecting children to God and His gift of Jesus.

In God Gave Us Love, Little Cub is trying to fish with Grandpa when a group of otters comes splashing around, scaring their fish. This allows Grandpa to have a conversation with Little Cub about love and what it really means. Grandpa teaches Little Cub about the many different faces of love – love for those we don’t really want to love versus love that comes easily. The special love between mamas and papas, and the warmth of a family’s love. Loving when we feel like it and loving when we don’t. And, finally, they discuss God’s love for us, a love so strong that it led to Him sending His Son to save us.

After reading these two “God Gave Us” books, the remaining books in this series are now definitely on my wish list!

To find out how you can purchase any of these books, click on the images or on the book titles.  All three of these books were provided in exchange for my review by Waterbrook Mulnomah Publishing Group.  Click here if you are interested in receiving books for review.


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