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>Five Years

>This week I had one of those moments that made me stop and ponder for a moment.

It came at the post office. 

Doug had gone in to check the mail and came out holding a white envelope with pink lettering addressed to me.  To be honest, there was nothing unusual about a white envelope with pink lettering.  I get at least two a year – one in March for my birthday and one in early December for my anniversary.  Every December the thought occurs to me, “It’s a couple of weeks early for my anniversary.”  Then I remember that it is not my wedding anniversary.  And, yes, I have that moment every year. 

The envelopes come from Mary Kay corporate headquarters.  I am a Mary Kay consultant.  Not the greatest one, mind you.  I really don’t do much in sales.  I have one recruit, and she sells even less than I do!  Both of us pretty much want to sell enough to make sure we can afford to wear Mary Kay because we both like the products. 

But I digress…back to the envelope.

There was one difference about this particular envelope that made it unusual.  Typically I just get a card, but this time it was a larger padded envelope.  I couldn’t imagine why I would be getting a padded envelope from Mary Kay this year.  I opened the envelope and pulled out a small box.  Inside the box was a pin with the number five in the center. 

It was at that moment that I realized…I’ve been a consultant for five years!

“You’re kidding!” was Doug’s response (and my thought!).  “It’s been five years?” 

The realization made me stop and think about the last five years.  What has happened in those five years?  How have our circumstances changed?  How have I changed?  Am I a better person now than I was then?  Am I closer to the Lord?  Am I more effective for His kingdom?

Since I signed on as a consultant, we have moved three times.  We have been a part of four different churches, two as temporary transition points and two as pastor’s family.  We have added a third child.  We have bought a house, attempted to sell a house (still working on that one), sold a vehicle, and simplified life in many ways.  We have said goodbye to several very, very dear friends and met new ones. 

We have seen ourselves grow a lot in our relationships with the Lord – and have seen how far we need to go.  We have officially welcomed our first-born child into the family of God through the joy of baptism and have heard our second child claim emphatically that the Jesus she so greatly loves lives in her heart.  We are waiting for her to hear His instruction to follow in baptism, and are praying for our third child to hear the call of Jesus on his heart as well. 

There are too many things to even begin to summarize here.  But, I don’t share this to reminisce over the past five years.  I share this to encourage you to do that in your own life, in your own heart.  For me, it took a simple five-year pin.  I hope to not have to wait another five years to stop and process such things again.  I pray that God will grant me little reminders before then, to help me truly look back and see if I am growing and making progress in Him.  I pray you will be reminded to do the same. 

And, I pray you will find you’ve grown.


I am a homeschooling preacher's wife and managing editor for the Well Planned Gal. But, I also love to write just for the fun of it. I also process best through writing, and my thoughts tend to flow from things I learn through the Bible, interacting with my family, and moving through life in general. Thanks for joining me in my not quite ordinary journey.

2 thoughts on “>Five Years

  1. >dear Ann,It happened that I got to your wonderful blog, something that I'm s grateful for.I really like people thinking the same way of you. And this is a great thing to do in your life, to stop and ponder over a stage in your life, to ask yourself some questions about what you've achieved in your life, to ask yourself about you relationship with God (Allah).This tells you're a great personI'm really grateful for being here for these few minutes, but I'd like to be here again and again:)Greeting,Israa


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