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>Isaac Newton by Mitch Stokes


Thomas Nelson has recently introduced a new series entitled Christian Encounters consisting of biographies of notable historical figures. 

Isaac Newton by Mitch Stokes is one of the biographies from this series.  I must confess that, this was a difficult read, although I do not believe that is representative of the entire series.  It was very scientific and was almost as greatly centered on Newton’s works as on his life.   In truth, this is not surprising considering that essentially his work was his life, but it does make it difficult for an average reader to truly comprehend the details of this book.  A solid grounding in an understanding of the academic life, the status quo of the scientific and mathematical communities, and the theological leanings of the 1600’s would be helpful in the reading of this biography.  A certain level of understanding is, in fact, presupposed by the author.

Despite the academic nature of the book, I was able to glean a good bit of fascinating information about Isaac Newton.  The greatest fascination for me was the very clear evidence of God’s hand in Newton’s life.  By all social standards, Newton should have been a gentleman farmer.  God’s intervention from before Newton’s birth allowed Newton the freedom to follow his natural academic inclinations and become the leading authority of his time in multiple fields.  Newton did not take this intervention lightly.  From a very young age, Newton insisted that the entire purpose of his relentless study was to worship his Creator.  In fact, theology and Scripture – not the mathematics or optics for which he is most famous – were the chief of his studies. 

For those who are either able to comprehend or willing to wade through (or skim over) scientific detail, Isaac Newton is definitely a fascinating read.  It is truly exciting to have discovered the depth of Newton’s love and passion for God. 

I received this book for review from BookSneeze


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2 thoughts on “>Isaac Newton by Mitch Stokes

  1. Thank you, I am teaching a middle school class and I didn’t know if it would have been a little much for them. Most of them are not avid readers so I think the Sower Series will be a better choice.


    1. I agree wholeheartedly! Seed Sowers or YWAM’s Christian Heroes and Heroes of History series are my preferences for middle schoolers or elementary read-alouds. The kids just seem to connect with those series better.


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