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>Friendship for Grown-Ups by Lisa Whelchel


When I requested Friendship for Grown-Ups by Lisa Whelchel as my next book to review, I expected an enjoyable book from a familiar and favorite author.  What I found was a heart laid open for all to see.  I found the story of a heart-wrenching, but very rewarding, journey from walls of self-protection to the open vulnerability of true Biblical friendship.  Lisa Whelchel openly and obediently shares very personal and intimate moments of her life and journey to relational wholeness.

Friendship for Grown-Ups is not a fluffy book about the sweetness of friendship.  It’s a quick read, but not a light one.  It’s not even necessarily a book that shares fool-proof steps to building and maintaining a perfect Christian friendship.  Instead, it is a bit of a “messy” book.  It is a picture of what life without depth of friendship looks like.  It’s a picture of a journey from a life of lonely self-protection to one of beautiful – and often painful – vulnerability.  Some will weep as they see themselves.  Others will weep as they see their loved ones.  Still others will rejoice as they realize just what a precious possession their friendships are.  Some will discover how to be a safe friend.  Others will learn how to find one.

For me,this book provided a next step – a bit of a guide on a journey of my own.  In recent months, God has been greatly revealing to me many issues in my own life related to being a friend.  I had come to a place where I knew that the Lord was telling me I needed to make some changes, but I had no idea where or how to start.  So, I prayed, asking for direction.  I did not expect the answer to come in the form of a book I had committed to review.  But it did.  Before I finished reading the forward of this book, I knew that God had already worked through Lisa Whelchel to meet some very deep needs of my own

Thank you, Lisa for being obedient and publicly vulnerable.  This is definitely a book I will recommend to many. 

I received this book for review from BookSneeze.


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