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>Sarah’s Garden by Kelly Long


Sarah's Garden

I have long enjoyed Amish novels.  There is something about being pulled back to simplicity that reminds me of the necessity of refusing to allow the things of this world to encumber us in our walk with Christ. 

Thomas Nelson’s newest Amish fiction novel is Sarah’s Garden by Kelly Long.  Sarah is a young Amish woman whose most passionate outlet is her garden.  When her older sister marries and leaves home, Sarah must leave the solace, comfort, and familiarity of days spent in her garden and take over responsibility for the family’s produce stand.  The thought of being forced to interact with people all day is overwhelming enough for this shy and introverted young woman, but the added prospect of doing business with Englishers is even more frightening to her.  Never would she suspect that one particular Englisher will completely turn her world upside down.

Sarah’s Garden is, to be honest, predictable.  Simply by reading the back cover, even a reader unfamiliar with Amish fiction can predict one of a handful of endings.  In my opinion, however, that is far from negative.  It is my practice to try to read books – both fiction and nonfiction – that challenge me.  There are times, however, when it is wonderfully comforting and relaxing to curl up with a book that is, in small details, new and fresh but is also, in the grand scheme of the plot, familiar.  It may have moments that make me as the reader stop and think, but that is not the overall purpose of the book.  Instead, the book is written to provide a getaway.  A few hours in which there are ups and downs, joys and sadnesses, and ultimately a happy ending that reminds us that even seemingly impossible situations can work out beautifully under the Lord’s guiding hand.  This book is one that will remain on my shelf to be read again and then to share with my daughters in a few years, and I look forward to more books in the Patch of Heaven series. 

I received this book for review from BookSneeze.  To find out how to purchase this book, click on the image or title above. 


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