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>The Edge of the Divine by Sandi Patty


When I was growing up, it seemed that Sandi Patty was the face of Christian contemporary music.  At the pinnacle of her career, however, self-destructive choices sent her life and career spiraling downward. For a time it seemed as though this amazing voice would be silenced in the Christian music world.  Like all of us who serve our amazing Lord and Savior, Sandi Patty experienced forgiveness and restoration spiritually as well as a career rebirth.

Sandi Patty’s personal spiritual restoration has had a positive public impact as well.  Not only does she continue to use her powerful voice for God’s glory, she has also chosen to share several of her journeys of growth through the written word.

Her most recent contribution to the book world is The Edge of the Divine.  Based around her own journey to step into a life of health, the book is a call to bravely step up to and recognize our “edges” in life – places where “something is likely to begin.”  Edges are uncertain, sometimes terrifying places to be.  But, stepping off of those edges into the hands of our amazing Father can incredible doors in our lives.

The Edge of the Divine is not another healthy living book.  Although Sandi Patty’s personal story of surgery and weight loss is the foundational example for each principle shared, the focus of the book is on recognizing and trusting God’s hand as we come to the edges in our lives.  Ultimately it is our decision to jump.  Sandi Patty shares her story and her insights with the purpose of encouraging us to make that jump.  Even when it’s terrifying.  Even when the rocks below seem sure to rip us to shreds.  We can jump with faith in the almighty, loving God who led us to the edge in the first place.

Are you a woman facing uncertainty?  Facing decisions that seem overwhelming?  The Edge of the Divine is definitely a book that can remind you of the One who will give you all the encouragement you need to make the jump. 

This book was sent to me for review by The {M} Media Collective.   The Edge of the Divine releases August 3, 2010.


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