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Several weeks ago as I read through the first half of the first chapter of Colossians, I noticed most of the “action” was presented in present tense. It’s all going on right now. Being fruitful. Faithfulness. Hope. Learning. Loving. Growing. Walking. But then comes Col 1:12, and the verb tense suddenly changes to one of completed action. Past tense. Done. The effect is very powerful.

Up until this point, Paul has been talking about all of the ways the Colossians are effectively walking in the righteousness of Christ. They are doing what they can to be faithful and walk worthy of the calling. But, then Paul reminds them that it all boils down to this: they have been qualified to share in the inheritance of Christ.

It is done.

If we have surrendered to the Lordship of our Savior Jesus Christ, we also are qualified to share in His inheritance. Not being qualified. ARE. Nothing we can do will change that. We cannot succeed in this life to the point of being more qualified. We can also not fail to the point of being disqualified. We are there.

The beautiful thing about the Colossians, though, is that they didn’t just rest in their qualification. The first eleven verses of Colossians show how this church was living out their qualification. They were actively choosing to be a living reflection of the salvation that had been granted them.

We are qualified. We are solidly guaranteed an inheritance with Christ. It is done and complete. But, there is always room to grow and learn when it comes to living out that qualification. May we not only live in the firm confidence of our qualification, but may we also never cease to live in the continuing present of the living out of that qualification.


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