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>Possession by Rene Gutteridge


Recently I added Tyndale House Publishers to the list of publishing companies I review for.  My first review book from them was Possession by Rene Gutteridge.

Detective Vance Graegan has had enough.  Still reeling from the emotional impact of working the D.C. sniper case and fighting desperately for their marriage, Vance and his wife Lindy decide to retire early, pack up their life, and move across the country to California where Linda will pursue her life-long dream of opening a sandwich shop.  But before their “new life” even begins, their possessions are held for ransom and any security they might have had is swept out from under their feet as dark secrets threaten to destroy them.

Possession is not a neatly packaged book.  It does not have a concrete beginning, nor does it end with all of the loose ends neatly wrapped up.  It is obvious to the reader that the Graegans’ story has seen one aspect of their struggles resolved, but many more struggles are still to come.  Although most people do not experience such extremes, Possession is a picture of life.  Just because one problem finds a solution does not mean that “happily ever after” is in anyone’s vision.  There is, however, some sense that conquering this massive struggle is a victory that will greatly increase the odds of succeeding in the next battle. 

This book is rather dark for my taste.  I personally prefer my general fiction to be lighter in mood, written more with escapism in mind.  I prefer to pursue historical fiction or non-fiction for heavier subject matter.  Having said that, Possession is, in my opinion, a well-written book.  Even as the pieces of the mystery begin to fall into place, the outcome still remains uncertain, keeping the reader hooked until the very end. 

This book was sent to me by the Tyndale Blog Network in exchange for my honest review.


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