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>Lady in Waiting by Susan Meissner


There are times when it seems that all choices have been removed from us and we are simply moving along as pawns, every step dictated by the actions and decisions of others. Or are they?

Lady in Waiting

This is the question posed in Susan Meissner’s most recent novel, Lady in Waiting.  Jane Lindsay’s life seems to be put on hold when her husband of over twenty years walks out, stating that they need to evaluate where their marriage is going.  Thinking she can do nothing other than wait for him to make his decisions, Jane feels she is left with no choices. When she discovers an ancient ring among some items purchased for her antique shop, her search for the origin of the ring leads her to discover that she just might have more choices than she realizes.

Intermingled with Jane Lindsay’s story is the story of Lady Jane Grey, fourth in line to the throne of England after the sickly young Edward, son of Henry the VIII.  Meissner uses her beautiful imagination to weave a heart-rending tale of love into the known history of Lady Jane’s short life, showing that even one whose destiny seemed almost completely controlled by others still had room to make choices of her own. 

If Lady in Waiting is any indication, Meissner is a master of weaving together two seemingly unrelated stories. I did have some difficulty following the first few chapters as Meissner flipped regularly back and forth between Jane Lindsey’s current life and her past, setting up the background. I recognize it to be a writing style chosen by the author, but it is not a preferred style for this reader. Once the background was established, however, the author’s writing style flowed very smoothly.

As a first-time reader of Susan Meissner, I am definitely pleased with this effort. I would recommend Lady in Waiting to fiction lovers, and will read more from this author.

Interested in reading the first few chapters of Lady in Waiting? Click here.

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.


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