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Book Giveaway! Always True by James MacDonald

“No matter what you are facing today, you can be sure that these promises are true for you, right now.”

This is the bold statement made by James MacDonald in the Always Trusintroduction to his book Always True. Such declarations tend to raise skepticism in my mind as I begin to read a book, and this was no exception. I very quickly discovered, however, that MacDonald’s statement was not unfounded. It had nothing to do with his writing and everything to do with his source: God’s Word.

Always True was born out of a very difficult time in the life of MacDonald and his wife Kathy. Frequently there are many lessons to be learned through those hard times, but when we are in the middle of them, lessons do us little good. In the middle of the darkness it is instead a lifeline that we need. As MacDonald struggled through his darkness, he poured through God’s Word seeking that lifeline. God’s response was to point MacDonald to five promises found in Scripture. MacDonald shares those five promises in Always True.

The fact that this book came out of MacDonald’s own time of despair is evident even in the organizational method of the book. There is nothing overwhelming about Always True. It is a relatively short book, and it is divided into easy to read sections. It is also interactive, including questions that get at the heart of the hurt.

MacDonald relies very, very heavily on Scripture in Always True. This book is not a compilation of his ideas. Instead, it is, for all practical purposes, a Bible study. Through this study, MacDonald explores the Bible’s definition of God’s promises in five “Theology of a Promise” sections. Then he points out, again using Scripture, what keeps us from believing each of God’s promises and how God’s Word can be used to combat each of those struggles.

When we are in the pit of life’s most difficult challenges, the only real lifeline we have is the promises of God Himself, as revealed through His Word. Confident that MacDonald points readers to that true lifeline, I would readily recommend Always True.

Having said that, Doug and I have one copy of Always True to give away. So, we are jointly hosting a giveaway drawing. For one entry, leave a comment either in the comment stream of this blog or in the Facebook comments for this post. For an additional entry, click over and read Doug’s review and comment on his blog as well. The winner’s name will be drawn next Wednesday, January 9.

This book was sent to me by C. Grant and Company in exchange for my honest review.


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