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iShine Bible Review

Since I missed my typical Tuesday book review (see yesterday’s Vacation post!), I thought I’d make it a Thursday review this week.

This week’s review is a little different. Rather than being of a book, it is of a new presentation of the Bible.

Presentation: The iShine Bible is targeted to the age iShine Bluegroup known as tweens and has two different designs, one for boys and one for girls. It is the New Living Translation for easy reading purposes, and has some learning helps included inside. Everything included in the Bible is the same for boys and girls – the only difference between the two is found in the color and design.

The Bible is relatively small such that it can easily fit in iShine pinka purse, backpack, or even a large pocket for easy carrying. The cover is a durable-feeling Leatherlike cover.

Before the Bible text the reader can find basic information about the Bible itself and the importance of reading it daily. Following this is an alphabetical list of life issues with a verse and a little description of what the Bible says about each issue.

After the text are several lists: Great Chapters of the Bible, Great Stories of the Bible, and Great Verses to Memorize.

The text itself is “interrupted” (for lack of a better term) in three places by colored sections, each with its own theme: value, identity, and purpose. Each section includes statements about how each of these themes relates to a young Christians life and what the Bible says about these themes. Links are found in each section that the readers can follow via their phones or computers for more information on each topic.

Likes: First, I really like the version for this age group. NLT is easy to read while still being a fairly reliable translation from a literary standpoint. It is the version I love to hand to children, new Christians, and anyone else relatively new to reading Scripture for themselves.

Secondly, I like the portable size and the fact that it is the whole Bible, not just the New Testament.

Finally, I like the durable feel of the Bible.

Dislikes: First, I dislike the small print. As much as I like the portable size of this Bible, I see too many children who struggle enough with reading itself. Adding small print just makes it harder. Even young eyes have difficulty focusing on the small lettering and tight lines. I think readability is far more important than portability in this case.

Secondly, I don’t know that the graphics included in the colored sections truly are necessary. There are multiple pictures of young teens in the coolest of clothes and hairstyles, and their appearance seems to have no relationship to the content. I think graphics that don’t emphasize the world’s concept of “cool” would have been preferable.

Bottom Line: I’m not sure I would go out of my way to make sure that this was the Bible I bought for a tween, but I definitely wouldn’t have a problem handing it to one. I don’t see anything that would keep it from being appropriate for teens, either. The translation and the durability definitely make it appealing.

Two copies of the iShine Bible were sent to me by the Tyndale Blog Network in exchange for my honest review. A favorable review was not required.


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