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Stealing Jake by Pam Hillman

As I look back over my recent reviews, I realize I’ve read a lot of fiction lately. And I’ve loved every minute of it! Today’s review book is no exception.

Set about a decade after the Civil Stealing JakeWar Stealing Jake by Pam Hillman is set in small, but quickly growing, coal mining town of Chestnut, Illinois. A series of thefts around town, mostly of food and other necessities, leave many in the town frustrated by the number of hardened street kids who seem to have migrated from Chicago. But when the thefts grow larger and bolder, the frustration grows to downright anger. Sherrif’s deputy Jake Russell finds himself caught up in the middle of it all. But, he also finds himself caught up in the presence of Livy O’Brien, the young woman who helps run the local orphanage. Livy is convinced that the street kids are not responsible for the increasing thefts, but she cannot convince the townspeople or Jake without revealing her own shady past.

I will confess to having a little trouble getting into the book because the first couple of chapters seemed to jump around a lot. But, that issue faded almost immediately, dissolving into a captivating story of both romantic love and the love of Christ. By about the fourth chapter, I simply could not put the book down. The character development was well-done, woven in as the story progressed. The spiritual dimension of the book was smooth and natural, fitting well into the overall theme rather than seeming forced as it often does.

For lovers of romantic Christian fiction, I give Stealing Jake a hearty commendation.

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This ebook was sent to me for review by Tyndale.


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