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Helpful Hints Thursday: Chop Stir

Today’s helpful hint is a kitchen gadget. We have only had this handy tool for a couple of years at the most. But, now that we have it (actually, them – we have two!), I have no idea how we lived without it!

The gadget is the Chop Stir. (Click on the name to see a picture.) It is a handy little tool that does exactly what it says it does – chops and stirs at the same time. The description in the above link talks about using it for ground meat, which we do. But, there are so many more uses! Mixing up juices from frozen concentrate. Blending chunky items in a pot. Cutting up casserole on a child’s plate. Mixing the different components of fruit salad. Just to name a few!

The “blades” are pointed to give them a cutting edge, but the entire utensil is solid plastic. So, it doesn’t scratch surfaces.

So there you have it. A new and very necessary kitchen gadget. You’re welcome!


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