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Refuge on Crescent Hill by Melanie Dobson

History is absolutely fascinating, and authors who can skillfully weave history and iRefuge on Crescent Hill.ntriguing fiction together definitely rank high on my preferred reading list. If Refuge on Crescent Hill is any indication of her skill as an author, Melanie Dobson will be taking her place on that list.

The 150 year old mansion standing on Crescent Hill is full of history, both long past and more recent past. Some stories are well-known and loved while others are shrouded in mystery. But Crescent Hill also holds the only home Camden Bristow has ever known. When life finally falls in around her, all Camden wants to do is find refuge in the arms of her beloved grandmother. When she arrives at Crescent Hill, however, she finds that her grandmother passed away just days before and her home is falling to the mercy of age and progress.

But the mysteries won’t leave her alone. With the help of Alex Yates, who has his own interest in the property, Camden uncovers the truth about the Bristow family, both of the distant past and the more recent story of her own grandmother. 

Refuge on Crescent Hill is an intriguing twist of mystery and history. The Underground Railroad, whispers of treasure, secret tunnels, and mysterious noises and lights on the third floor all heighten the curiosity and leave one wondering about the truth behind the legends and myths. Blended into it all is well-grounded and growing faith versus bitterness passed down through multiple generations. A touch of romance is added to the mix without compromising the depth of the story.

All of those components combined make for an intense and captivating work of historical fiction. Refuge of Crescent Hill is well-written, with the mystery just unpredictable enough to leave the reader hooked to the very end. Melanie Dobson has written a winner!

This book was sent to me by Kregel Publications in exchange for my honest review.


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