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Helpful Hint Thursday: e-Recipes

I intended to have Tuesday’s book review done today. But, finishing the Christmas sewing took precedence. Hopefully next week…

So, with all of the Christmas cooking in full swing, I thought I’d share my “recipe book” tip. If you have an e-reader, read on. If not, you can skip this one.

I have cookbooks that I like, but I inevitably find myself printing recipes from the internet. I have ended up with a huge supply of printed recipes hanging around, and I wasn’t doing a great job of getting, much less keeping, them organized. So, I started changing my tactic. Instead of printing them, I have been saving them to a Word document and then sending that document to my Kindle. Or, copying them into a single document, putting a table of contents at the beginning of the document, and sending the whole thing to the Kindle. Either way, voila – a new cookbook that is easily updated!

I use a clear plastic cookbook protector/stand to put the Kindle in while I cook.

The one hitch is that the Kindle sometimes shuts off before I’m done with whatever I’m cooking. But, turning it back on is not a big deal.

I do have all of the recipes backed up in a file on my computer, just in case.

Happy cooking!


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