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Straight to the Heart of Acts by Phil Moore

I’m rather excited about this week’s book review book. British author and pastor Phil Moore is in the process of creating a series entitled Straight to the Heart that works through the Bible book by book. Each book includes 60 three to five page entries focused on specific passages throughout the focal book of the Bible. I had the opportunity to review Straight to the Heart of Acts.

(My husband reviewed Straight to the Heart of Genesis. You can read his thoughts by clicking here to visit his blog.)

Straight to the Heart of Acts is labeled as a devotional book, but I see it as going imagejust a bit deeper. A devotional tends to share thoughts based on a passage of Scripture. Moore’s approach goes beyond that, falling somewhere between devotional and academic. He evaluates the historical and cultural context and almost provides a light Bible study lesson on each passage. Were I to need to fit this series into a category, I would describe Moore’s approach as being a devotional commentary.

As for content, I find Straight to the Heart of Acts to be very solid Biblically. It does not automatically follow that I agree with Moore’s every deduction and conclusion. In fact, I can definitively say that he and I would not see eye to eye in every case. But, Moore does not draw his conclusions out of thin air. He has solid Scriptural reasons for his understanding and interpretation of Scripture. For this reason, I feel that I can disagree with him while still confidently reading and recommending his book and the series as a whole. My one statement accompanying the recommendation would be to encourage each reader to go back and search Scripture personally, not simply accepting an idea because Moore – or any other author or preacher (my own husband included!) – states it to be true.

I look forward to, over the course of time, adding books from the Straight to the Heart Series to our library for both personal consumption and sharing with others.

This book was sent to me by Kregel Publications in exchange for my honest review.


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