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Whatever Happened to…

…Book Reviews and Helpful Hints?

Obviously, my book reviewing has reduced dramatically in recent weeks. Well, it has on here, at least! I’ve mentioned before that I have had the wonderful honor of working on the review team for Home Educating Family. Those reviews are keeping me quite busy these days, and I love it! I’m still trying to get one or two book reviews a month up on here. In the meantime, though, I think in the off weeks I will include a link to a recent favorite review or two, either mine or someone else’s, on the review site. If you were enjoying the reviews, you’ll have links to plenty more. If not, you can just skip it!

And, I do want to try to get back to the “Helpful Hints” posts as well. I’m not sure if any of you actually find them helpful, but they’re fun to do.

I probably won’t be sticking to the Tuesday book reviews and Thursday helpful hints. I’ll just make those two days available for whichever one happens to be handy to post.

So, for today, here’s a link…or two. I have read several Tricia Goyer books for my own enjoyment that I’ve intended to review but haven’t gotten around to. Two of them are about Swiss spies at the end of World War II. My review team friend Jenny wrote great reviews of those two books. Here are the links:

The Swiss Courier

Chasing Mona Lisa

I’ll post links to the reviews of Tricia’s Amish series as soon as my review of book three goes live on the review site.


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