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A Different Kind of Gift

It can be fun to occasionally give Christmas gifts a little differently by donating to an great cause in someone’s name rather than simply buying a gift. Every December I try to share some of the organizations that have come across our radar through the course of the year. I’m a little late this year, but I thought I’d still share!

  1. For those among you who are Southern Baptists, Lottie Moon Christmas Offering information should be available in your churches. This offering contributes to the cooperative support of Southern Baptist missions worldwide.
  2. Wycliffe Bible Translators remains near and dear to our hearts. There are several ways to give to support Wycliffe’s devotion to put heart-language Bibles into the hands of every language group in the world.
    1. Look at the online gift options through the the 2012 Gift Catalog or help fund specific projects.
    2. Support missionaries directly. Need a name? Go visit our very dear friends Aaron & Joanna Choate and their children Sarah, Benjamin, Olivia, and Katherine. (Here’s a link to give directly to this family.) Even if you don’t feel led to support them financially, I encourage you to get to know them through their blog and support them through prayer. You cannot help but be blessed by this amazing family!
  3. Last month we had the privilege of meeting Eric & Gaye Ramsey and their daughter Alisha from Tom Cox World Ministries. Their organization seeks to look outside the box, finding creative ways to share the Gospel worldwide, and there are several ways to contribute to TCWM’s ministries.
    1. Sponsor a Child
    2. Give a Gift
    3. General Donation
  4. Sometimes it’s fun to have something under the tree or in a stocking that offers a visual reminder of the financial gift that has been given. WorldCrafts offers that option by selling products made by fair-trade businesses operating in impoverished locations worldwide.

Of course, these options are not only available at Christmas. If you are so inclined, keep them in mind for gift-giving occasions throughout 2013!


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