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Why Seek Him?

Doug and I are writing our way through Psalms and John. It’s amazing how much we notice, even in the most familiar passages, that we’ve never noticed before. Copying will do that.

Today I was finishing Psalm 40. As usual, David is oppressed, but he is putting his trust in God and remembering the things God has done for him. He’s also expressing his commitment to God in many ways. But something about verse 16 just stood out to me sharply.

Let all who seek You rejoice and be glad in You; let those who love Your salvation say continually, “The Lord be magnified!” Psalm 40:16

Why do we seek Him? Really and truly?

Do we seek Him because we know He will do something for us? Because He will answer our prayers and meet our needs?

Do we truly love His salvation, or do we just love being the child of the King? There is a difference there. One is grateful beyond measure. The other is almost the response of a spoiled child, even if it isn’t one spoiled in a bad way.

In this verse, David shows the real reason for seeking the Lord. We seek so we can rejoice and be glad in Him. Do we seek Him for that purpose? Just so we can be glad in Him when we find Him? Not so we can get anything from Him. Not so He will answer our prayers. Just so we can rejoice in Him.

What about our salvation? Do we love it because of what it does for us? Or, can we truly take the incredible gift of our salvation and love it because it means the Lord will be glorified through us?

I want to be one of the people of David’s verse. I want to be one who seeks Him for the purpose of rejoicing and being glad in Him. I want to love the salvation He has given me because it means He will be magnified through me. I want those two things to flow through me more than anything else.

Why do you seek Him?


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