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Unlocking the Puzzle

As I sit down to write this, my son and I just finished working on a puzzle together. I never ceased to be amazed by the power of one little puzzle piece. One instant nothing seems to go together. Then one piece finds its place, and suddenly huge blocks of puzzle pieces find their home as well.

Puzzles are such great pictures of real life. Sometimes all we need is one little piece to unlock the roadblock we struggle to get past.

I experienced that just this week. On Monday I was given a work project. Tuesday morning I asked Doug to pray with me that all of the pieces would fall together. He smiled and immediately came up with a fun, alliterated outline. Suddenly, the wheels of my mind started turning. I very quickly had a picture of how the whole project could work. I knew exactly what help I needed from the rest of the web team – and I knew how to ask them for it! One little list unlocked a flow of creativity.

I have experienced many situations where I have tried and tried to understand something. Or I have tried to get the creative juices flowing. Or I have tried to come up with a solution. All of my efforts always produce nothing. Every single time. Somewhere out there is the key…that missing puzzle piece that I need to help it all make sense. But I can’t find it on my own.

God designed it that way. If I could find the key on my own, I would easily convince myself that I don’t need Him. He knows better. And hiding the key is one way He can get that truth through my thick skull.

How do I know this? Because when I ask Him for that missing piece, He gives it to me. Every single time. Sometimes it’s immediate, like yesterday. Other times it takes a bit more patience. But He always gives it.

What puzzles are just not fitting together for you right now? Can you share? I’d love to pray with you that God will give you that missing piece, the key to unlock your puzzle!


I am a homeschooling preacher's wife and managing editor for the Well Planned Gal. But, I also love to write just for the fun of it. I also process best through writing, and my thoughts tend to flow from things I learn through the Bible, interacting with my family, and moving through life in general. Thanks for joining me in my not quite ordinary journey.

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