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Around the Web

There is so much out there on the Internet these days. Some days I feel pretty overwhelmed by the massive nature of it. But I love it when Doug or friends recommend something. Here are a few of the things that have come my way lately:

How to be Friends with an Introvert

– by a precious introvert named Jamie

First of all, a laugh. I love this post! It truly captivates the essence of an introvert. I especially love #6.

3 Common Traits of Youth Who Don’t Leave the Church

– by Jon Nielson

Will our children stay in church? Will they leave? It sometimes feels like we’re rolling the dice on this one.

– We tried to raise them right.

– We made them go to church.

– You never can tell, I guess.

I think #1 in this post really is the kicker. Are we looking for the fruit of salvation in our children?

The Problem for Complementarians Will Come from the Right

– by Carl Trueman

Doug shared this one with me. And I think there’s a great deal of merit to it. When our goal is to fight against the left, we often end up overreacting. We push so far to the right that we adopt unbiblical and extra-biblical practices. Our focus is not on Scripture and being Christlike. Our focus is instead on being the opposite of the left.

Don’t Forget These Blogs!

Doug’s blog is always my favorite first stop, so don’t forget to keep up with his wonderful words of wisdom!

And the content of never ceases to amaze me. I watch the ideas and posts roll in, and I find myself humbled and honored to rub shoulders with these people!

What are you reading this week?


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