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Why We Have Date Night

A few weeks ago, I came across this article by Tim Challies:

Yes, please, go ahead and read it. It’s a good article. I see his point, and I agree with him – well, for the most part.

I wholeheartedly agree with the importance of enjoying our spouses. I can’t imagine going through life without enjoying my husband on a daily basis, whether we’re working, playing, or just living life together. That enjoyment is much more critical than a weekly date night.

Yet, as we head into this new year, my husband and I are as determined as ever to fiercely protect our weekly date night. Contrary to Challies’ admonition to the contrary, we are fully convinced that we do need this time for several reasons.

Three Reason We Have Date Night

We need to publicly protect our time together.

There are weeks when we get those little moments scattered throughout, and we don’t “need” date night nearly as much (although we still take it). But, there are other weeks when, no matter what we do to avoid it, our time is demanded and we are unable to squeeze even a few cherished moments into our days. We protect date night – even in the weeks when the little moments are frequent – because we can look at other people in those crazy weeks and say, “No. This is OUR time. It is protected.” When we do it weekly, it’s much easier to jealously guard it in the crazy weeks and months. It doesn’t mean we go out – we rarely have an away-from-home date night. But, we do devote that time to being intentionally together.

The side benefit is that those to whom we are ministering see that we truly enjoy one another and are actively working to keep our marriage strong. That lends credibility to our ministry role.

Setting aside time keeps me from just folding my husband into my routine.

My husband needs to know he’s special. Important. Significant enough to me that I make him a part of my every day routine – but also significant enough that I will pull away from my routine just for him. Regularly.

Date night is my way of saying, “You’re important enough to set all of the rest of this aside completely.”

Those precious little moments we enjoy together are part of life. And we will always make a special effort to delight in those moments instead of letting them just pass us by. But, we will also be intentional about creating focused time together, time that is distinct from the normal routine of life.

Date night teaches our children.

We have kids. We homeschool those kids. We minister with those kids. They are always with us. Which means they share most of those precious little moments with us. And, my friends, that is absolutely beautiful to me.

But, it’s also a hazard. My husband and I need time that is our own. And our children need to see that Dad and Mom aren’t just parents – they are husband and wife. Intentionally setting aside a date night shows our children that shared enjoyment between just the two of us is a vital part of a marriage.

We started date night when the kids were five, three, and six months. Evenings were not easy thanks to a baby who didn’t want to be away from mama at all and a preschooler who suffered from night terrors. The kids did not understand date night. They only understood their needs and desires. Intentionality was hard – especially when we had to stay at home due to lack of babysitters or funds to go out. But, those obstacles heightened the meaningfulness of our choice to be intentional. And, over time the kids learned that date night meant something special for Mommy and Daddy. Nine years later, they now honor it with us.

Date night is really not the key here. Intentionality is. Choosing to let your spouse know that he is more than just part of your every day life – he’s special. He’s significant. He’s worth sharing precious moments of life with. But he’s also worth reserving time for.

Yes, I do need date night, and I will strongly defend that need while encouraging you to find what fits your need.

Will you choose to be intentional this year, whatever form that takes for you?


I am a homeschooling preacher's wife and managing editor for the Well Planned Gal. But, I also love to write just for the fun of it. I also process best through writing, and my thoughts tend to flow from things I learn through the Bible, interacting with my family, and moving through life in general. Thanks for joining me in my not quite ordinary journey.

4 thoughts on “Why We Have Date Night

  1. Wonderfully said! As so often happens, Ann, you post on something Mike and I were “just talking about”. You are NOT alone! We need our date night too! Sometimes it’s sitting on our bed playing cards or yahtzee (yes we are nerds). Now that we have adult children, sometimes it’s a few days away together. Regardless of what form it takes, we need that time to just plug in to each other and communicate the importance of our relationship above ALL others. You know I love my children fiercely but we have seen them grow up and we have even watched one die. The children leave us and yes they need us to pour into their lives while we have them but they do leave. When they are all gone, what we have built with our spouse is all that’s left.


    1. Yes, yes, yes!!

      And, can I just say that I love the way God lays similar thoughts on the hearts of my friends on a regular basis? It’s such confirmation – and He does it so often. Just a reminder of the togetherness of the body of Christ, even when we’re separated by geography. I think that might have to turn into a blog post! 🙂


  2. Preach it, sister! I love how you and Doug are so intentional about plantings seeds that will be good fruit in your marriage. Such a wise choice. Thanks for encouraging us to do the same!


    1. And we see the same in you and Aaron, my friend. I love the mutual encouragement that exists in our marriages – and the example that is being set for those future marriages we anticipate! 🙂


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